Sophos Switch

Sophos Switches provide a simple and secure way for you to access an expanding suite of wired and wireless devices in your network. The Sophos network switch series puts your LAN connectivity firmly under your command, enabling scalable Ethernet access.

The Sophos Switch Series provides a variety of network access layer switches for connecting and powering devices connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), as well as providing security controls and segmentation at the crucial LAN edge.

The Sophos switch portfolio provides a variety of switches to meet the connection requirements of diverse environments, including remote and home offices, small and medium companies, retail establishments, and branch offices.

sophos ethernet swtich


sophos network switch
Connectivity, Power,
and Control

The Sophos Switch series provides 8, 24, and 48-port access layer Sophos PoE switches for connecting and powering LAN devices. Sophos PoE switch provide control of device access through port security and Virtual LAN segmentation, as well as adding quality of service at the crucial layers of networking.

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The deployment and configuration of Sophos Switches are simple. To get the process started, head over to the Sophos Central console, enter the device's serial number, and then click the register button. It won't take more than a few minutes for your Sophos network switch to become operational.

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One Vendor-
One View

Sophos switches interact effortlessly with your existing Sophos products to eliminate the compatibility issues associated with multi-vendor installations, rather than increasing complexity and security risk. Having a single vendor for the whole network stack is advantageous for all, including new and current clients, resellers, and managed service providers.

sophos poe switch
Sophos Switch

Sophos switches have a variety of ways of being administered. Employ Sophos Central with your other Sophos products for administration and visibility. Utilize the local web management to access the full feature set, the Command Line Interface for network management, or SNMP for management and monitoring.

Sophos Switch use cases

cs110 24
SMB and Branch offices

Sophos Switches expand the connectivity possibilities in SMB and branch offices to enable scalability. Moreover, it is possible to disable unnecessary switch ports and restrict access.

ophos cs110 24fp

Sophos network switch seamlessly fits into your SD-WAN deployments with a firewall in your primary office and SD-RED remote Ethernet devices in your remote sites.

cs210 48fp
Retail/Franchise Outlets

Add access points and power devices like security cameras to increase connection and security to meet the growing need for a better customer experience. It also connects kiosks, printers, and more.

sophos cs110 24
Remote Offices

Provide remote workers with an entry-level Sophos PoE switch to help maintain better connectivity and keep their professional activities distinct from their smart devices.

Product Highlights

cs110 24fp

Simple setup and deployment

sophos 16 port swtich

One vendor for the entire network stack

sophos 48 port swtich

Various management options are available.

sophos 24 port swtich

Suitable for branch offices, retail, and SMB use case

sophos 10gb swtich

Access layer switches with 8, 24, or 48 ports of 1 GE or 2.5 GE.

best ethernet swtich

Power-over-Ethernet options for powering PoE-capable devices

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