Your Network

Enable a flexible work environment and easily extend your network to different endpoint users with XG Firewall. These network solutions are easy-to-use, economical, and customized to your needs. Sophos uses it’s Connect client software for VPN, advanced SD-RED devices, and APX wireless access points, as well as collaborate with AWS and Azure to deliver quick and secure network extension solutions.

SD-RED Remote Ethernet Devices

SD-RED Remote Ethernet

With Sophos SD-RED, you argument your organization’s central network system to different access points with minimal effort and low costs.

  • Automated zero-touch SD-WAN tunnel
  • Customizable, risk-free, and light-weight VPN
  • Cost-effective with no licensing needed on the device
SOPHOS Connect VPN Client


Sophos helps establish access to your remote sites and integrate them back to the central network system with our innovative VPN clients for Windows and Mac-OS.

  • Use IPSec or SSL VPN to establish a secure network
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac-OS
  • Dependable, cost-effective system
Sophos wireless access points

Wireless Access

Sophos wireless access points simplifies your work by automating security, simplifying management, and providing synchronized connectivity.

  • Automated plug-and-play solution
  • High performance 802.11ac Wave 2
  • Expand network support with dual radios and multiple SSID
Sophos Firewall - Public Cloud Protection

Cloud Protection

XG Firewall provides highly encrypted access security and data protection to all your public cloud infrastructure.

  • Extensive security support on AWS and Azure
  • Connect Cloud with Sophos secure networks and VDI
  • Quick and easy solution to deploy from marketplace

Your Protection

XG Firewall, within the Sophos ecosystem, provides increased visibility, security, and management for your organization, whether you support it internally or outsourced it to us. We employ innovative infrastructure and integrated solutions to provide the network and data protection across your networks and devices.

Sophos Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Intercept X assimilates with XG Firewall and employs highly-evolved Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for PCs, network, and mobile devices to provide world-class protection to your system.

Sophos Managed Threat Response Service

Managed Threat
Response Service

Outsource your Cyber-security to our expert team for hassle-free, round-the-clock threat monitoring and support.

Sophos Cloud Protection

Secure public cloud with visibility

Increased cloud visibility enables swift identifications of network or data threats and with Sophos Cloud Optix you are able to manage a more integrated and secure public cloud infrastructure.

Your Team

With Sophos integrated solutions, including XG Firewall, Synchronized Security, and Sophos Central, you can substantially scale-down on time, effort, and resources employed by your organization for the same output, virtually doubling your team size.

Sophos Ecosystem

Scale Your Security, Not Team

With Sophos, you have single point access to manage and support your entire system, enabling management of different tasks, increased visibility, efficiency, and scaling of your network and data for no additional charges.

Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Automated Cyber-security Solutions

An integrated XG Firewall and Intercept X solution enables you to proactively monitor and respond of all the Cyber-threats faced by your IT infrastructure. It also provides increased visibility of these system threats and errors, creating an elaborate database of these activities and prevent system downtime.

Put Your Security on

  • A Single Pane of Glass

    Use a single-point access to all of your endpoints with Sophos Central console and manage all your Sophos infrastructure and services, effectively increasing your team output.

  • Central Management

    By using Sophos integrated management tools, you can easily access and manage your firewall solutions.

  • Central Reporting

    With Sophos Central, you get instant insight into the health of your network and status of all your endpoints.

Sophos Security Ecosystem Sophos Security Ecosystem
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