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Cable Audits
Cable Audits &
Network Analysis

Our team works closely with you to survey your site to map your existing infrastructure and identify issues and improvements that need to be addressed. Such cable audits help you save time when you want to change or upgrade your cabling system. We also conduct network analysis to check if your existing cabling installation is enabling a healthy and network for your organization.
Proactive Cable
Proactive Cable &
Equipment Management

We enable cabling solutions that focus on improving problem detection with your cabling infrastructure and reducing resolution time and cost. Our technicians color codes the cables based on function and type as well as create extensive documentation of all cable runs and connections. Our team also provides 24/7 emergency support post installment.

Along with procuring and installing quality cables, we also install hardware such as wire management system, patch panels, data cabinets, cable racks, switches and servers, etc., to support your cabling system.
Custom Cabling
Custom Cabling

Our cabling system design depends on your building set-up and material. Depending on these factors as well as your business need, we can use different methods to manage cables in commercial building - such as floor decking, overhead cabling, access flooring, etc.
Safe Computer
Safe Computer

GS-IT ensures that all your cabling infrastructure and equipment are safe and optimally working. Our structured cabling designs takes into account factors such as airflow management, cable crosstalk or interference, system overheating as well as overload.
Benefits of using our structured cabling
Benefits of Using Our Structured Cabling Solutions for
Cable Management:
  • Easy cable relocation and removal.
  • Periodic cable strength checks.
  • Seamless integration of new equipment with existing ones in the future.
  • Highly trained team for testing, installation and certification of all cabling systems.

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