Structured cabling solutions


cabling installation services in dubai
Mix of Copper and Fiber
Optics Cables
cabling installation services in dubai
Access and Recommend (improvements and changes to existing data center infrastructure)
cabling installation services in dubai
Horizontal and Vertical Wire Managers
cabling installation services in dubai
Cost-effective Centralized Solutions
cabling installation services in dubai
Rigorous Testing (to check your system viability and its capacity for any planned moves or upgrades)
cabling services
  • Tracking connectivity capacity of your system with connectivity reports and dashboards
  • Improved performance and uptime reliability
  • Centralized solutions minimizes the need for additional direct cable application.
  • Pre-terminated cabling provides efficient plug and play solution for networking equipments
  • Cabling design compatible with all modern infrastructure
  • Good quality cables to handle anticipated and future loads
  • Optimizes operational cost and lifecycle of the system

Industry Verticals

GS-IT Cabling Services


We will ensure you get an honest assesment of your needs

GS-IT Data center Cabling Services


With your reliance on IT being fundamental, we understand how paramount a robust design is for your business

GS-IT Data Center Cabling


Robust, high-performing solutions are the absolute minimum for those operating at the forefront of technology

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