Meeting Bar A10

For home offices and small rooms

Yealink MeetingBar A10

Meeting Bar A20

For huddle and small rooms

Yealink MeetingBar A20

Meeting Bar A30

For medium rooms

Yealink MeetingBar A30

UVC30 Room

4K USB Camera

Yealink UVC30 Room |Yealink BYOD Device


For huddle and small rooms

Yealink UVC40 BYOD |Yealink BYOD Device


For medium and large rooms

Yealink UVC84 BYOD |Yealink BYOD Device


4K Dual-Eye Intelligent Tracking Camera

Yealink UVC86 |Yealink BYOD Device

Yealink BYOD


Video conferencing has become a critical part of daily life nowadays. The number of platforms and applications people use for video conferencing has skyrocketed, and video conferencing systems is no exception. As an outcome, you cannot afford to have your video conferencing solutions tied down to just one platform.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) products are fully compatible with all video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, and Webex.

Yealink BYOD Video Conferencing Devices
Yealink BYOD Solutions

Yealink BYOD

Yealink Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution enables enterprises to empower the modern workforce to work from anywhere on the devices they prefer while meeting IT security and compliance requirements.

Yealink BYOD products excel in performance and can be easily connected to a Yealink camera or VC Room solution and then to any mini-PC or laptop via USB. It is adaptive with any video conferencing platform, according to your choice, in small to medium meeting rooms.

yealink BYOD kits in Dubai
yealink BYOD meeting kits
yealink USB cameras and BYOD kits in Dubai

GS-IT collaborates
with Yealink BYOD Products

GS-IT line up all-in-one Yealink BYOD systems for all video conferencing solutions. These products are customizable as per the size of your meeting rooms. Yealink's BYOD devices bring premium audio experiences to users with full duplex HD Voice. GS-IT, an authorized Yealink video conferencing solutions provider, supplies all the communications devices like IP phones, Headsets & Speakers, Intelligent room devices, EoL products, and video conferencing devices.

Yealink BYOD
Yealink's BYOD Reseller
Yealink UVC40 BYOD |Yealink BYOD Device


Video/Picture Quality

It facilitates 4K HD video with a super wide pan of view. It possesses brightness optimization permitting a better sight of the participants even in a medium-lighted room. It incorporates the latest AI technology features allowing one to track and trace the participants in the room. It also facilities automatic zooming taking away the manual control and providing an opportunity for conducting a focused meeting.

Yealink BYOD Video Conferencing Solutions

Full duplex experience

The upgraded audio devices deliver a premium voice pickup with a complete duplex experience. The beamforming algorithm, acoustic cancellation, and noise-proof technology favour quality audio where everyone is audible without distractions. The audio quality is scalable according to your meeting room necessities with products like the MSpeaker soundbar, VCM34 conferencing microphones, or MSpeech USB Speakerphones.

Yealink BYOD Video Conferencing Solutions

Easy Deployment

It has evolved for a flexible installation. It is mounted anywhere in your meeting room- on the conference table, on top of a TV, or on the wall. The device embraces an easy deployment with a mounting kit that accompanies the devices. It is tried and tested to minimize the cable clutter and uses less room. It has built-in Wi-Fi, and you can manage and configure it by remote device management.

Yealink BYOD Video Conferencing Solutions

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