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Microsoft Teams brings everyone together in real-time to collaborate and work with a brilliant meeting experience. Seamlessly integrated with an entire suite of devices, it provides options to chat, call, and collaborate online. Brainstorm with one another or a whole bunch of people with secure video conferences from anywhere and anytime. It provides various features like Live recording, Chats, Raise-your-hand option, and customized background in video conferences. It is a perfect hosting partner for virtual events engaging two people or 10,000 participants. It allows screen sharing and file sharing, enabling communication faster than mail, thus increasing productivity.

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Room Equipments

Yealink with
Microsoft Teams

Yealink is the 1st company to deliver teams-certified devices for Microsoft Teams in the market. With the transformed work environment, Yealink and Microsoft Teams are working together to create a Teams experience for every space. Yealink provides device solutions with suitable technology for all professionals in diverse domains to improve business communications and work seamlessly. They try to foster collaboration and improve employee experience in projects of all sizes. Yealink offers a wide range of devices for Microsoft Teams, including the Yealink Teams room, the MVC II series, the collaboration bar, Yealink Teams phone, conference phones, desk phones, speakerphones, and headsets.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing
Yealink Teams Room System
Microsoft Teams Room System

GS-IT collaborates
with Yealink

GS-IT, as a Yealink video conferencing solutions partner, provides all-in-one teams-certified VC systems for Microsoft teams. These solutions are customizable according to the size of your meeting rooms. Yealink's new devices bring premium audio experiences to users with Optima HD Voice and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, and the full duplex speakers enable crystal-clear conversations. The one-touch join helps you to begin the call with ease. Yealink supplies all the communications devices—voice, video, and audio. With this single-vendor solution and authorized partners like GS-IT, you can count on quality service an empower employee experience by providing freedom and flexibility.

Yealink Microsoft Teams Room Systems
Yealink Microsoft Teams Devices in Dubai


Single Cable Deployment

To simplify setup, the Yealink MVC II room series supports a single Cat5e connection. The MCore cable management solution incorporates data transmission and power supply cables into one CAT5e cable and connects the TV area and the conference table area with a straight cut solution that reduces deployment time and enhances your meeting room's aesthetics.

Yealink Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Solutions Dubai

Premium audio &video experience

Yealink offers innovative solutions that provide exceptional video and audio experiences. The ultra-wide screen displays a broad field of view perfectly. Auto framing and wide-angle lens detect people in the room and auto-adjust to frame all participants during the meeting. The 4K resolution allows all participants to enjoy a collective Teams meeting experience. Full-Duplex Speakerphone combining both microphones and speakerphones features high-grade voice pickup. With HD voice and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, each participant can be heard smoothly and clearly with a premium full-duplex experience.

Yealink Microsoft Teams Room Solutions Dubai

Wireless Content sharing

Plug in the dongle, and just click to share your content wirelessly. You can also connect your PC via the USB-C or HDMI port for wired content sharing. Yealink room system provides freedom and flexibility to all its users in choosing either wireless or wired content sharing. Enjoy freely talking and realize easy sharing of creative ideas through the Microsoft Team Rooms.

Yealink Microsoft Teams Room System Dubai

Device management

The device management platform enables you to manage Yealink devices remotely. With this Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can now faultlessly manage, monitor, configure, update, and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices and peripherals linked to this platform remotely.

Yealink Microsoft Teams Meeting Room System Dubai

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